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A Nation Casting Off Restraint

2 Thessalonians 2:
7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth (restrains) will let (restrain), until he be taken out of the way.

I believe we are seeing great evidence of the restraining power of the Holy Ghost being removed from the human arena and lawlessness, inspired and orchestrated by devils, gaining great influence over humans. Rebellion against authority and authority's lack of restraint (which is lawlessness, too) is becoming a common occurrence.

I have listed three cases below that are currently in the news. In all three cases the suspects reject direct orders from the police and take lawless actions. In two cases the police act lawlessly too.

Scott commits lawlessness by running from the policeman:
1. "Scott was a devout Christian who sang in his church choir, the program at his service said. He was stopped for driving with a broken taillight, and ran from the officer, Michael Slager."

The policeman commits lawlessness by shooting a fleeing Scott in the back, killing him:
"A video taken by a witness showed Slager firing eight shots at Scott's back as he was running away. Scott was apparently unarmed."

The Gaver family lawlessly rejects police instructions and proceeds to fight them:
2. "Police released video Friday that appears to show a chaotic brawl in an Arizona Walmart parking lot that left one suspect dead and two others shot, including an officer."

The policemen defend themselves, finally overpowering the Gavers, killing one son, wounding one, locking the rest up:
"Fanning said he still does not understand why the Gavers chose to fight his officers, rather than simply speaking to them. He said the likely outcome of the call would have been a misdemeanor citation with no one going to jail if the Gavers had not escalated the incident."

Pusok lawlessly flees from the police by car and then by horse:
3. "Pusok fled by car and then on the horse, traveling several miles while deputies chased him on foot after trying to serve a search warrant in an identity-theft investigation."

The police apprehend their suspect and then lawlessly proceed to beat and kick him unmercifully:
"As pursuing deputies reached him, Pusok was face down with his arms and legs outstretched and hands behind his back. One deputy kicked him in the head or shoulder area and punched him, and another kicked him in the crotch."

Next time you go to Walmart or another big box store watch the Enter and Exit doors. As you approach the entrance are you jostled by the people coming out? As you leave and approach the Exit are you jostled and hassled, having to dodge the people coming in? It used to be plain - EXIT means you leave through this door, ENTER means you come in through this door. Not anymore. Walk defensively, keep your head down and don't cause a scene.

Have you noticed the highways? You're in your car, in the far right lane, going down the interstate. You notice cars up ahead are coming down the apron, onto the highway and they're approaching your lane about the same time you are going by. They blow right by the Yield sign and force you to either slam on your breaks and get behind them or move over into another lane even though you have the right of way. Lawlessness. A whole nation casting off restraint.

Rebellion is in. Lawlessness is the order (or disorder) of the day. A lawless people will receive a lawless leader. This should explain why a President can do lawless things and is not held accountable. The people of the nation are lawless too. Not just here in the USA either. This rebellion is playing out all over the world. They are being prepared for the beast and the fourth and final beast system (Daniel 7:23).

8. And then shall that Wicked (man of sin/lawless one) be revealed......

We are very close now to the revealing of the antichrist. The people have rejected Jesus Christ, His Holy Word and are being made over into the lawless image of the coming antichrist. What will bring him to the forefront? Probably a world crisis and right now we have several big ones that are about to explode - worldwide economic collapse, world war, ecological or biological disaster. Which will it be, one or all three? I believe we don't have too much longer to find out.

Remember what Jesus said to do when you see these things happening:

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. (Luke 21:36)