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My Son's Birth

During the end of my wife's first pregnancy (June, 1987), the Lord led me in a ten day fast. The miracles that followed were nothing less than amazing.

We were in bed one night. I was asleep. My wife was reading the Book of Daniel. She told me later the Lord had wanted her to read the whole book. At the end of the book, her water broke. She woke me up and said, "It's time".

On the way to the hospital at about 2AM, the streets were quiet, hardly any traffic. I was breaking the speed limit but not putting anyone in any danger, the streets were pretty well empty. A police car came by me going in the opposite direction. As I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw him make a U-turn and put on his blue light. He pulled behind me and then immediately pulled up along side me in the right lane. We both rolled down our windows and I shouted that my wife was having a baby. He said, "Follow me" and preceded to lead us to the hospital, complete with flashing blue light.

When we arrived, he ran into the emergency room and came out with a wheel chair and preceded to roll her inside. Well, this got everyone's attention and we were whisked up to the maternity ward.

Kathy's doctor was called and he came right over. She was really concerned because, he, like most men doctors, cut their patients. This procedure, as mother's know, helps the doctor to deliver the baby. Of course, it hurts the mother but hey, who's most important - the doctor and his time, or the mother?  He examined her and felt she would be awhile and then received an emergency call at another hospital. In the meantime Jonathan decided to come out. It just so happened that a Christian female doctor was present and she delivered the baby - no cutting. A real miracle for my wife and new son!

The whole experience was supernatural. The nurses were like angels, the best we could ever have hoped for. We felt so at home, we were sad when it was time to leave. Not to say that my wife didn't endure the pains of delivery. She screamed a few times, once loud enough to wake the dead!

Fasting and prayer. There is no doubt they both help a Christian receive from God, wisdom, blessings and favour. Thank You, Jesus!