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Four Major USA Prophets and my Dream

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.  (Matthew 24:11)


On March 22,2004, four men that were billed by TBN as major prophets in the Body of Christ appeared on TBN with Mark Chironna and gave publicly many of the Words they have received from the Lord. They are Paul Cain, Chuck Pierce, John Paul Jackson, and Paul Keith Davis. They spent the next couple of hours talking about a new level that the Lord was leading His body into - new doors, new dimensions, great expectations for this year, next year and the years ahead.

I was very grieved as this broadcast ended and wondered if I was missing it somewhere. Very little scripture was given and I never understood where they got these things from as there was very little scripture quoted. Talking it over with my wife, we just shook our heads at the conclusion.

That night, I received a dream from the Lord. I'll describe it as best I can:

I was sitting in a large room with other brothers and sisters in Christ. We were seated in rows and at the front of the room stood a Dentist at a podium. Don't ask me how I knew he was a Dentist, I just knew it.

He spoke to two young men to my left front, one sitting in front of the other. This Dentist, who I understood to be the teacher, said to the two men, "You'll have to leave here". Immediately this got my attention and looking at them I knew they were Prophets. I knew one of them was the Prophet Obadiah. I think I knew the other one but I'm not sure.

They got up and walked out. I got up after them and protested their dismissal and walked out behind them.

The dream ended.

This is the interpretation of the dream as I understand it:

The Dentist represents the successful corporate elder that the institutional church hierarchery loves to promote over the body of Christ. The Institutional pastor thinks: successful businessman equals successful teacher and worker.

The two Old Testament Prophets that were told to leave represent Bible prophecy already foretold for this day, for this time and there is not another thing or a new thing that the Lord is doing or will do different from what is written in the Old and New Testaments.

Obadiah is a Prophet of Judgment! The Book of Obadiah speaks of judgment to this nation.

This dream confirmed to me what I continue to see in much of the body of Christ - prophecies are given and received with little or no corroborating scripture.

God does and will continue to speak to His people through His Word, the Bible. It has all the answers, even unto the end of the age. There is nothing that has been done, there is nothing being done and there is nothing that will be done that is not in the Bible somewhere. That's why it is so very important to read your Bible everyday.

Stay in the Word. God will lead us by His Holy Word. We will never be deceived if we stay in the Word for He will show us the Truth in all things. If we stay in the Word and start to err, Jesus will give us scripture and convict us of our error. He will keep us on the straight and narrow path by leading us through His Word. We will be sure that our lamps are filled with oil.

The most important thing we can do is to begin each day by praying and reading our Bibles.

Also, read the Book of Obadiah. Short but very interesting! There are verses that could only speak about the USA today.